Sunday, September 11, 2022

Shaven and Shorn, Again

Neville had an eventful Friday. His fur was shaved again. It grew back so quickly after the initial shave in the spring that I felt another was due, before the cold weather set in. The funny thing is that on Friday, the weather changed a bit, and our temperatures have been much more moderate than they have been. No more 30° Celsius and up (86° Fahrenheit and up). This week looks to be in the low twenties Celsius (low seventies Fahrenheit). I even contemplated cancelling Nevsky’s shave.

But it’s for more than the heat that he gets his hair trimmed. As the groomer – an excellent, swift and careful groomer who helps out just with the rescue’s cats – stated, Nev has very dense fur. That, I realised, was accurate. Renn actually has fur that’s a little longer, and quite a bit of it; but it’s light, and he rarely gets mats. Neville has some appearing every week. The hair-cut will help him and, I think, allow him to feel better.

Neville was so coƶperative during the process that the groomer asked facetiously if I had drugged him. He did start to lose his patience after about twenty minutes, especially since he had to be turned a couple of times. But he did very well, and received some treats as a reward. And he showed me that I was forgiven for my treachery; he crawled onto my lap half an hour after it was all done. I wonder, though, if that was also his way of making sure that it was over and that I wasn’t about to do anything further to him.

Once shorn, Neville was probably feeling a draught and, as I suspected he would, he started using the cat-beds more, almost immediately, especially favouring the high-sided one. He also lie in the sun in the later afternoon. By the time winter is upon us, his fur will be back in full bloom again.

The amount that came off of him was tremendous. It just kept falling.

Yes, that all came from you, Neville!


  1. Good heavens, that was a lot of fur! Enough for a "mini me" or three.

    He certainly was a good mancat, and deserving of the treats. šŸ™‚

  2. I love the last photo, the look on Nev's face is priceless!

  3. I love the last photo too. Nev looks like he can't believe all the fur came from him. That's OK, Nev, I can't believe it either!

  4. That last photo he looks so startled to think it all came from him! Your current temperature is what we should have in a normal summer. We are now in the lower half of the 60s. Much preferable to the summer record breaking temperatures.

  5. Neville! You mean you got to have your barbering at HOME???? I know I would not be pleased to have my bodiy contours set out to show every fold and wad! Mom said her either~

  6. That has to feel better but that's enough fur to build another cat.

  7. Ah! Bless the little fella...
    Never mind Neville at least your helping
    Dad fill his cushion up...! HeHe! :O).

  8. Yow! It looks like the aftermath of a sheep-shearing!

  9. Wow, you sure had a lot of furriness removed!

    You look great, but don't get chilled,LOL! Looks like you have the proper solutions to that issue.

  10. The Nev looks a little startled in that last pic! It must feel so much better for him. It's almost time to bring out the heated beds for our cats. I'm sure Neville would agree!

    1. Yes, while it is not cold, or even chilly, here, the temperatures have dropped from very hot to temperate, so we're feeling the difference. That seems to make things feel autumnal more than anything else. I have one heating pad (or strip, so it's not the best shape for cat-beds) since the elements in my two old ones crumbled from use, so I'd better look for more.