Saturday, September 3, 2022

Wider Horizons

Horace had his first incursion into the apartment today, rather than yesterday, as originally planned. Actually, he had his first, second and third incursions, being let out of the library thrice, for half an hour each time. He did well.

I think that Horace is not a fighter. He had his ears cleaned – ear-mites, unfortunately – and medicine applied against the parasites on Friday. He struggled but did not bite or scratch. He doesn’t seem to be constituted that way. So it was today.

Horace wandered about, sniffing and observing much. He saw all three of the other beasts, and they saw him. Renn, who didn’t know he was there for much of the time, merely watched once he became aware of the newcomer’s presence. Neville hissed once or twice when proximity became too intimate. That was the extent of the old-timers’ reactions.

Hector hissed and gave low growls but maintained his distance. That doesn’t mean he didn’t follow Horace; he did, though he also just lie still and observed him. When Horace approached, Hec retreated; when Hec didn’t retreat, Horace did. Neither wanted a confrontation, and Horace, though curious about the cats with whom he will share his new abode, did not press his acquaintance. Hector may be suffering from what I dubbed the Parker Effect (after my late friend Parker): the hostility, usually mild, of the once-newest cat to an even newer one. This effect was not exhibited with Minuet’s arrival; her case was rather different, as she rarely left the library.

But I felt that I could carry on some activities – washing the dishes, cleaning litter-boxes – without maintaining constant surveillance of the situation. Nonetheless, I kept checking to see everyone’s whereabouts, especially that of the ivory-boy, and was never far away. Today made me feel good about the prospects of integration. It will be a slow process, but its start is promising.



  1. Good news and great photos to be waking
    up to over here in the UK...
    Long may it continue...Has'nt he got a nice
    tail...! :).

  2. This news report sounds very promising for the upcoming life of having four cats in the house again. And with two of them being rather Young.

  3. Excellent first outings! No fur flying is a huge win. 😊

  4. Every journey begins with that first step, Horace.
    It's good to see that you are on your way.

  5. Glad things are off to a good start.

  6. Glad to hear everything went well and he enjoyed his exploring, including the tunnel.

  7. Those were impressive out n' about adventures, very smooth!

  8. It looks like Horace is making himself at home. I'm sure he'll integrate with the other cats in no time.

  9. It looks like Horace enjoyed his little adventure. I have high hopes for him being able to live in peace with the rest of your crew.